Banana Yucca Blooms for Easter

Yucca Baccata Tor [Yucca  confini McKelvey, Yucca vespertina (McKelvey) S.L. Welsh]

I bought my banana yucca at the UC Riverside Botanic Garden Plant Sale in 2008 when I first purchased my home in the Town of Apple Valley.  I planted it in front of a wood fence with an eastern exposure.  I really didn’t irrigate it, although it did get some flooding during storm events.  It does have a heavy mulch of gravel to protect soil moisture from evaporation. The banana yucca took a few years to grow enough for my neighbors to even notice it. Now when it is in full bloom, it commands attention.  I expect the blooms to be more impressive in the next few days, but I wanted to share this Easter delight with you on Easter Sunday.

I tried tasting the flowers the first year that it bloomed.  Unlike Yucca whipplei, the petals aren’t particularly sweet.  I didn’t further explore culinary uses at that time.  Before posting this blog, I did a quick web search and found instructions for cooking the fruit.  If the critters leave any for me, I think I will try one of the recipes this fall.

Happy Easter!

Additional Information:

“The Edible Fruit of Banana Yucca (aka Yucca bachata), Dessert from the Desert: Wild Banana Yucca Fruit” By Ellen Zachos Foraging Expert

“Banana Yucca Hand Pies” By Ellen Zachos Foraging Expert

Plants Database Profile for Yucca baccata Torr.

Banana Yucca (Yucca baccata) By Charlie McDonald

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