Meet Frick and Frack


Frick and Frack.  First Day on the Job.

Meet Frick and Frack, two new “Farm Hands” in my back yard “farm”.  Frick has the white belly and Frack has the black belly.  Both are Marans recruited from the  Desert Feed Store in Apple Valley, CA. Their assigned duties will include (with time) egg laying, nutrient processing, compost processing, pest control,  chicken therapy and general entertainment.  For now the two sisters are getting accustomed to their new residence.  Their job training started today with belly rubs.  When I first bought them, they were wilder than March hares. They responded well to their first training session by stretching out and falling asleep in my hands. Awwww.


About Caliche Chick

I retired from a career as an Environmental Scientist and Botanist. My first career was teaching science and English as a Second Language (ESL), and content classes for ESL students at the middle school level. I also taught introductory biology at the community college level. I have an avid interest in plants that grow with little to no irrigation. I also keep a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and back yard chickens. When I am not in my yard, I am taking Construction Technology Classes at Victor Valley College and working on my "fixer upper" home.
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