Mojave Aster

Mojave Aster, Mojave AsterMojave Aster - 5 is easily one of my favorite plants.  It features large blue flowers with a yellow center.  When it opened it’s flowers in my garden this morning, I had to share it with you.

Mojave Aster

Lateral view of mojave aster growing at edge of berm and sidewalk swale with southern exposure.

My Experience Growing Mojave Aster

Establishing Mojave aster in my garden has not been easy.  It germinated along my roadside swales, but didn’t survive flooding from subsequent storms.  It also germinated in sandy berms on the northern perimeter of my property, but died during summer Santa Ana winds.  Two plants have survived about three or four years along a brick border between an elevated berm and a sidewalk swale.  Based on field observations in conjunction my gardening experiences to date, I recommending the following: 1. purchase plants (available at Grow Native Nursery , Las Pilitas Nursery), 2. plant at the base of a slope however small with a swale within root’s reach, 3) Use rocks or bricks for mulch to protect soil water from evaporation, 4) do not over water.

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