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The Desert Natives Nursery joined the High Desert Gardening and Restoration Community in 2014.  Located north of the Town of Apple Valley in San Bernardino County of California, the Desert Natives Nursery offers retail sales by appointment and Commercial/Wholesale sales by contract. They offer several public plant sales per year.  Best of all, they provide delivery service for large orders.

Desert Natives Garden Screen


The nursery is owned and operated by trained horticulturist licensed by the State of California: CA Dept of food & agriculture lic#  c 1921 001.

If you are tired of spending money on plants that don’t belong here and ultimately die, a local nursery operated by horticulturists with expertise in the local ecosystem is a wise investment. For what I spent taking risks on plants that never stood a chance, I would have been better off spending more money per plant on plants that do well under local growing conditions. Desert Native Nursery is one of the local nurseries that are owned and operated by trained horticulturists who are familiar with local desert plants.

For more information

Desert Natives Nursery Website

Desert Natives Nursery Facebook Page


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  1. CastIronDan says:

    Thanks for the info! I never knew that this place existed!

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    • You are welcome. I ran into a post about them in one of the gardening Facebook pages that I follow. I thought they were worth a mention. I am starting my with list to order from them.


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