Polish Up Your Soapbox: How to Rant Without Being a Big Stupid Jerk

I like to turn compost, till soil and chop wood when my anger is red hot. Thanks to this blog, I now have a new tool in my tool bag for when my blood pressure returns to normal. Figuring out how to express myself in a way that doesn’t result in fanning the flames is very difficult.

The Daily Post

We all need to let off steam sometimes, and what better place than the internet? We certainly advocate for thoughtful, reflective posts, but the odd rant can be a lot of fun to write — and to read.

Can you rant without sounding like a big stupid jerk? You can, with these eight tips:

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About Caliche Chick

I retired from a career as an Environmental Scientist and Botanist. My first career was teaching science and English as a Second Language (ESL), and content classes for ESL students at the middle school level. I also taught introductory biology at the community college level. I have an avid interest in plants that grow with little to no irrigation. I also keep a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and back yard chickens. When I am not in my yard, I am taking Construction Technology Classes at Victor Valley College and working on my "fixer upper" home.
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