Chick Pea Tortillas Wrap-up Home Grown Veggies in Tasty Tacos

I discovered that the Chick Pea Tortilla recipe that I previously posted  works with yellow split peas in addition to garbanzo beans (what I call chick peas).  Tasty yellow spit pea tortillas (aka. crepes) provide a quick, easy and healthy wrap for savory toppings.  I mostly use yellow peas because the color of green peas doesn’t exactly go with a lot of ingredients.

Yellow peas impart more of an identifiable flavor than garbanzo beans.  So, I am more likely to use yellow pea flour for savory toppings and garbanzo beans for fruity toppings and desserts. When more of a taste of peas is desirable, I enhance the yellow pea flavor by toasting the split peas before grinding them to flour.  Advance toasting also reduces that odds of getting a “grassy taste” in hot weather.

Alteration of cooking oil, temperature, and steam (from cooking with a glass lid) allows me to adjust the texture to match the toppings that I am using. Use of coconut oil and a higher final cooking temperature will give me a crispy exterior that makes a nice complement to wet toppings.  Browned butter, a lower temperature and more time steaming under a lid provides a wonderful flavor and texture for dryer toppings combined with melted cheese and a wet sauce.  Use of olive oil (and simmered garlic) creates a taste and texture in between.  Adjustment of taste and texture increases the  of  versatility of the basic tortilla recipe that I really enjoy for a wide range of tasty treats.

Caliche Challenge

Yummy!       If you could eat it with a corn tortilla, you could eat it with a chick pea tortilla.

“No more white stuff,” my cardiologist sternly warned me.  I took to the internet for Ideas.

Then Dad sent me an  Article Published on Need to Expand Use of Pulses.  From links in the article, I found Great International Dishes Made From Pulses.  I also found other great sources of recipes from additional web searches.  Only problem, the international recipes called for ingredients that were locally available to the people who traditionally prepared them. I wasn’t finding everything called for in my local supermarket.  So, after reading several recipes, I synthesized the strategies applied with what I had on hand.

Nicely tanned tortilla after flipping.

I already had garbanzo beans, or chick peas, that I purchase in bulk for soups.  So, I made a somewhat gritty flour by putting dry chick peas in my…

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