No Sugar Apricot Juice and Apricot Jam – Day 2

Notes from day after canning

The apricot jam that I put directly into the fridge set up nicely. The jam that I canned still hasn’t set. Either my kitchen is too hot for the pectin to set (cool 85 deg.F.) or the canning process broke down the pectin. I’ll put a jar in the fridge to see if it sets overnight. If that doesn’t work, I’ll use the pressure cooker to sterilize the jars and hot water bath method to can jam. I am also finding that extra acid (lemon juice or crushed vitamin C tablets) improves thickening (setting) of pectin. Perhaps my trees produce less pectin that average apricots.

Caliche Challenge

Apricots_4100 Branch Loaded with Apricots.


2 cups condensed apricot juice (about 10 cups fresh apricots reduced to 2 cups concentrated juice)

8 cups fresh apricots

71/2 tablespoons  low or no-sugar needed pectin

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Optional – Sweetener to taste

For different quantities of apricots, see PECTIN CALCULATOR for apricots.


Prepare canning jars and equipment

Call it overkill, but I find it very helpful to read multiple sources of canning procedures prior to each canning season.  As the season progresses, the canning experiences of many people are provided to the National Center for Food Preservation.

Jar and Tool Preparation

I hand wash otherwise clean canning jars and tools with the hottest water I can stand. While hand washing, I check the jars for crack in the glass or chipped rims.  Jars with defects go into the recycling bin. Then I put the intact washed jars and tools…

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