Last Chance for Planting Bare Root Trees

Ok, so I have more jars of canned fruit than I can eat in a year.  Does that mean I have enough fruit trees in my yard?  Apparently not.  There I was riding my tricycle home from my plumbing repair class at Victor Valley College, when I just had to stop by and get something small from the hardware store.  Something small, I told myself, nothing else.  Next thing I knew I was peddling down Apple Valley Road with three bare root trees strapped to my tricycle basket.

All-In-One Almond

My previous attempts of growing almonds (Non Pareil) died in a late spring frost.  Now that my current all-in-one almond, Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb survived a second year, I decided to get a second one. As an extra bonus, All-in-one almonds are self pollinating.

Three in One Cherries

Now the addition of a cherry tree, Prunus avium L., might actually be helpful. The cherry bare root is labeled: Black Tartarian, Van, and Stella.

Combination Apple

This will be my second attempt at growing apples.  My Fuji apple died from a heavy frost.  My Roma apple is doing well in a pot.  I bought the Roma to fertilize the Fuji.  Roma’s are not my favorite apple, so I really didn’t want to allocate a lot of water and space to the variety.

This time, I will plant my apple tree in a more protected location.  The apple varieties grafted on the root stock are: Red Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, and Gravenstein.  



About Caliche Chick

I retired from a career as an Environmental Scientist and Botanist. My first career was teaching science and English as a Second Language (ESL), and content classes for ESL students at the middle school level. I also taught introductory biology at the community college level. I have an avid interest in plants that grow with little to no irrigation. I also keep a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and back yard chickens. When I am not in my yard, I am taking Construction Technology Classes at Victor Valley College and working on my "fixer upper" home.
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  1. You can always give your preserves to neighbors, or mail them to your favorite garden bloggers. Is the cherry tree sweet or sour?

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