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Baked Doce de Grao – Gluten Free Coconut Blondie Recipe

I am putting this recipe on my must try list! The  author got the idea of testing this recipe after her success with her cheat version of coconut macaroons. Doce de grao (check recipe)  is a staple sweet made for weddings, Christmas, … Continue reading

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Spiced Fruit Muffins Made with Ground Yellow Pea Flour

I found an appealing recipe for Lentil Apple Muffins on the internet.  Only one problem, it was a few days before payday, and I needed to cook with ingredients that I had in the pantry.  I was out of lentils … Continue reading

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Chick Pea Tortillas Wrap-up Home Grown Veggies in Tasty Tacos

Yummy! If you could eat it with a corn tortilla, you could eat it with a chick pea tortilla. Continue reading

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Great International Dishes Made From Pulses

worlds-greatest-pulse-dishes-photos features an amazing, mouthwatering photo gallery of dishes made with pulses. These labeled pictures are a wonderful one stop idea shop for inspiring web searches for new recipes.  See a photo you like? Copy paste the name of the … Continue reading

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