A very summery quinoa salad (Citrus and mint quinoa salad)

Hiker’s salad recommended by Indus International Kitchen. Now all I need to do is pick up some harissa and walnuts.

Indu's International Kitchen

Quinoa is so versatile. You can do pretty much anything with it – make quinoa upma, use in salads or even soups and also use to make burgers.! Truly versatile. Plus so healthy for you.  Hence I always have a stock of quinoa on hand in my pantry.  It’s one of my favorite and ‘easy to make lunch specials’ for work.

IMG_1495Two weeks ago I went ‘nectarine picking’. Yes all by myself – well not quite I guess since rest of the family waited in the car while I was determined to pick my favorite nectarines and peaches even though it was pouring cats and dogs. Well people, it was the last weekend for peaches and how could I not pick?

IMG_1497Anyways I made a delicious minty quinoa salad with nectarines and oranges!  For the dressing, I used a dash of harissa paste, which has coriander and cilantro in…

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